Please email your commission request to  I usually have a bit of a backlog, but will let you know the approximate wait time, and will keep you updated with my progress on your commission.


Example Pencils            Example Inks
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Patreon supporters at $20 and up per month receive a $5 discount on pencils and $10 discount on inks for every commission!

Small pencils (approx 5×7) $30
Regular pencils (approx 9×12) $50
Small inks (approx 5×7) $40
Regular inks (approx 9×12) $80
Large inks (approx 11×14) $100
Inked comic page $100
  • All prices are in USD.
  • All prices are for a single character.  Add $5 for each additional character.
  • Prices include electronic delivery; for original copies, add $5 for shipping within the US, $10 for shipping outside the US.